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Misspelling is a pet peeve.  I hate finding words spelled incorrectly on websites (on corporate web pages), in emails or on blogs.  I know they are created quickly and each post is a “draft” but with the invention of Firefox and some other browsers spell checkers (WP has one built right in) it seems that we all (internet-users) should not have to see spelling errors.  They’re just too easy to correct, prevent, get rid of (and call out).

Students these days have atrocious spelling.  L33t speak, texting and perhaps a degraded education system (go NCLB!).  I’m privy to lots of discussion forum posts through my job (monitoring an education based site) and some of the spelling errors are deplorable (even for high schoolers!). 

Now, I know I’m setting up myself for criticism (just imagine if I spell something wrong in this post! what a hypocrite I will be/am).  

Here’s my wish: I wish that the web enforced it’s own spell checking.  So that no matter how bad someone’s spelling is, shouldn’t the web be able to correct it before I have to read it.  Can’t I go to my “tools” on Firefox of Chrome and choose to have my web filtered/corrected automatically so I get a clean, entirely comprehensible, easy read on my screen?

Internet gods: please deliver me from poor spelling.


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