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When our President is a real guy

When 43 was elected a lot of people claimed that he was someone they’d be able to kick back and have a beer with.  No doubt some of that sentiment changed over the 8 years in office.  

I wonder what people say now.  It seems to me that Obama has simultaneously elevated the Presidential brand while bridging the gap between Presidential superstar and plain old civilian.  Yesterday I watched a news cast of Obama reacting to the school closings in DC (they got a bit of snow) and mentioned that he thought it was crazy (though he said it more diplomatically than I have).  That’s right, the President, commenting on a school closing.  Has that ever happened in the history of the US?  I doubt it.  

This may n0t apply to everyone, but I can relate to Barack (for one example, we both work from home).  I’m sitting in Pittsburgh and all of the schools are closed (including early shutdowns of colleges), over 2-3 inches of slushy snow.  His daughter was spot on, we would have been having recess outside on days like that!  Say what you will: that “I’m enamored like the rest of the US public”, or that “I’m in for a big surprise”.  I’m already surprised!  I’m surprised that he actually is the guy I thought he was!  Even his Chef has an eye to policy I agree with.


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