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Budget Woes and Funding Prose

pieThe bad news in Vermont (and any other state) is that they need to cut education spending (1. because it’s somewhat out of control and 2. because you can’t squeeze the rest of the state spending for $40,000,000 without taking a close look at the Ed budget).  The good news is thatthe House actually posted what each district’s slice of the 2009 Stimulus Pie will be.    

All told the State of Vermont’s education system is going to receive LOTS of money.  In fact, it probably could rival what the state gov. is trying to cut from it right now (which might make a few claim it’s moot–I would beg to differ though).  

The information for all of the states is available on the House blog site.  Look up your district and see how they are going to make out.  It’s like knowing what you’re going to get for Christmas!

My elementary school is getting about 500,000 dollars of the nearly 40 billion going to schools…I guess that’s fair since there are less than 200 students.


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