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Computers cannot commit suicide

If you use Google’s Gmail like me and have your old AOL IM account linked through it you might have gotten some of the spam instant message bots in the past.

Well, here’s a new one: today, DeclarativeCoho, a IM Bot chatted me up and said that it was having suicidal ideations.

DeclarativeCoho: Hey, I know this is weird, but I don’t know who else to turn to. I’m thinking about. . .you know. . .ending it all. Can we talk?

Wow. Sorry Mr. Robot.  It’s not that I’m heartless.  I would take the time to “talk you down” but instead I felt like blogging what you just said to me was more important.

I wonder if IM Bots ever spam each other (that’s probably what caused the suicidal thoughts in the first place).

Am I terrible?


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